Amzad Chowdhury

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Hi, I'm Amzad. I'm looking to broaden my horizons with new challenges.
I enjoy photography, traveling, food and love coffee.



These are some of the projects I've been working on.

An iOS app to change the way we park by having access to dedicated parking spaces. Home and business owners can rent out their unused parking space for some extra cash while drivers have the piece of mind knowing they have a spot.

Languages used: Swift, Objective C for the application
Technlogies used: XCode, Git, Firebase, NoSQL
Github Repository

A website designed to assist people during natural disasters by providing users with a map of all nearby shelters with available resources.

Github Repository

A website that allows users to see how a location can change over time. Allows users to upload pictures which get identified by the embedded meta data or by the using the google reverse image api to match historic landmarks or points of interest.
Github Repository

I developed a website that is able to search for terms related to the title and/or author of book. Results are served from the hosted server and database. Going beyond the scope of the project, I also implemented an indexing engine that is able to use the keywords that resulted in zero results and then gather results from BookDepository, scape and index them to the server for an ever increasing search engine.
Languages used: Java, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, SQL, HTML, CSS
Technologies used: Git, Windows 2016 Hyper-V Server, Nginx, MySQL Server, Bootstrap